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Spray Tan Carrum


"A perfect tan every time wherever you may be!"

TanTime Mobile Spray Tans Carrum

Australia's award winning mobile spray tanning service now available in Carrum, South East of

Melbourne and the Kingston area of Victoria.

Why not experience a professional spray tan in the comfort & privacy of your own

home or have one of our tanning specialists attend to your next big event or

call us next time you are holidaying at the beach!

For those of you that have had a spray tan before you would understand

the dread that a trip to the salon can be. Out in public in your daggiest & baggiest clothing, no deodorant

on and for the girls no make-up and no bra not to mention that sticky drive home and seat belt dramas!

Now you never have to go through that again because here at TanTime we come to you!

Great in winter to escape the rain and in summer to avoid the heat. Excellent for mothers because

you don't have to leave the house! Why stress about parking & traffic when

TanTime brings you a perfect tan every time, wherever you may be!

Our dedicated spray tan staff are in & out of your Carrum location without

a mess or fuss! There is no cleaning required. We come equipped with

everything you need including a pop-up spray tan booth & tanning machine.

Our booth can be adjusted to fit almost any space; a power point & floor area of 1m x 1m is all that's required.

Our expert tanners are more than happy to discuss the many options available to you.

Should you have any further question about Tan Time's fantastic range of mobile spray

tanning options in Carrum, Victoria 3197 please contact us.

TanTime Carrum 3197

(P) 03 8518 4840 (M) 0466 247 506 (E) TAN@TANTIME.NET

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