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Experience a professional spray tan in the comfort & privacy of your own home,have one of our tanning specialists attend to your next big event or call us next time your holidaying in Melbourne andwe will visit your hotel. Ideal for those with a busy schedule, great in winter toescape the rain & cold and in summer to avoid the heat, why stress about parking &traffic when TanTime brings you that perfect tan every time, wherever you may be!

Our spray tan service is quick, convenient & affordable. The entire tanning processis completed in less than 15 minutes per person, our dedicated tanning staff are in & out ofyour nominated location quickly, there is no mess & no cleaning required. We come equippedwith everything you need including a pop-up spray tan booth & tanning machine. Our booth can be adjusted to fit almost any space; a floor area of 1m x 1m is all that's required.

TanTime are setting the trend for sophistication in colour & imagechoices with our versatile colour options, different tones & shades, a range of quality solutions and your choice of drying times everydetail has been carefully considered with your best interests in mind. We stock only the best spray tan solutions togive our clients that flawless finish that lasts .

From a light sun kissed natural glow to a deep dark European style tanand everything in between TanTime has it all!

We offer our Mobile Spray Tanning Service for almostevery occasion we cater for weddings, brides, hen’s nights, formals, dancers, models, body builders, event organisers or those that arejust wanting a personal glow! Our expert staff are more than happy to discuss the many options available to you,should you have any further question about our fantastic range of mobile spray tan services please contact us.

Find a TanTime Tanning Salon near me

TanTime Spray Tans Melbourne- Spray Tan St Kilda

Mobile Spray Tan Service- St Kilda Victoria, Australia 3182

Monday to Friday 9am to 9.30pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm

Spray Tan appointments can be made directly online "Book Now"

or by phone, email & SMS

(p) 8518 4840 (m) 0466 247 506 (e)

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